Understanding When to Use Low Gear

If you've recently driven off the Elgin Hyundai lot in your new Genesis G70, Hyundai Elantra, or Santa Fe, you may be wondering when to use low gear. Believe it or not, low gear can help in a number of situations. Learn about the ins and outs of switching to low gear, and if you have any questions, reach out to Elgin Hyundai, conveniently located near Schaumburg!

What is Low Gear in a Car?

Whether you're vehicle has a manual or automatic transmission, you likely have access to low gear, which is also known as first gear. So what is low gear in a car? Lower gears restrict the amount of fuel injected into your vehicle's engine. This reduces the speed of your car, but also increases torque. If you aren't sure when to use low gear during your Streamwood-area drives, do not fear. We cover some easy-to-remember scenarios in which switching to low gear will possibly be beneficial.

2020 Hyundai Santa Fe

When to Use Low Gear

Automatic transmission vehicles will change gears for you, but there are certain situations where you may want to manually keep your car in low gear.

  1. Towing - If you're towing a heavy load, like a trailer or boat, lower gear may be ideal. Lower gear gives you extra engine power to safely and confidently tow. As always, check your owner's manual for safe towing information.
  2. Steep Inclines - If you don't want to stress the engine while going uphill, switching to low gear will give you the extra torque you need.
  3. Long Declines - While going downhill, switch to low gear to help maintain a slow and steady course. This will help you avoid riding your brakes, and will also be easier on your transmission.

From off-road adventures to highway excursions, there are plenty of situations where low gear is your friend.

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