Hyundai is a brand known to provide drivers with safe, reliable cars, as well as introduce innovative features. One such feature is the Hyundai HomeLink, which connects your vehicle to your home so you can perform such actions as opening and closing your garage door. Let the experts at Elgin Hyundai help you program your Hyundai HomeLink in mere minutes.


What is Hyundai HomeLink?

Perhaps you're wondering, "What is Hyundai HomeLink?" Hyundai HomeLink is a vehicle-based wireless control system that drivers program within their Hyundai vehicle. While the main purpose of the system may be to open and close your garage door, you can also program HomeLink to turn on exterior home lighting and deactivate home security systems -- all from the comfort of your Hyundai! When you arrive home to Schaumburg or Streamwood, you can feel safe and secure with your Hyundai HomeLink system. You'll find it available in numerous new Hyundai models, including the Accent, Elantra, and more! Talk with our experts to see if your Hyundai model is compatible.

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HomeLink Step-by-Step Program Guide

To complete the Hyundai HomeLink setup, follow these simple steps:

  • Find the HomeLink buttons inside your Hyundai model, which are typically located on the rearview mirror.
  • Press and hold the first and third buttons and wait for the lights to blink, which may be several seconds. Doing this will automatically erase codes that were programmed in the past. There may have not been anything previously programmed, but it's important to make sure.
  • Use your garage remote and press its button while holding down the first HomeLink button. The button should start flashing quickly, which means your HomeLink has synced and accepted the garage code.
  • Exit your vehicle and press the "Learn" button on your garage door opener. You should see an amber-colored light. Then, get back into your car and press and hold the first button of the HomeLink system in your car until the garage door closes.

Rely on theElgin Hyundai Service Team to Program Your HomeLink!

If you've followed every step and it still doesn't work, contact us to speak with a member of our service team who will offer extra support. For more, learn how you can connect to Hyundai Bluetooth®, or how to best wash your car.