Do you have a favorite spot for Pizza nearby? A good bar for thin, square-cut, tavern-style pizza? How about deep dish? At Elgin Hyundai, we can't choose which place we think truly has the best pizza in Elgin, IL-so we made a list of several! Whether you're from Streamwood or Schaumburg, these pizza places around South Elgin are worth trying!


Danny's Pizza

From the thin-crust to pan-all of the pizza at Danny's pizza is fantastic. There's no secret here-or pineapple toppings-this is just a sports bar that makes no-nonsense food that tastes great. Mondays are half-price pizza nights, and the other food at Danny's Pizza (231 Douglas Avenue) is good, too, from Italian beef to Danny's meatball sandwich.

Village Pizza and Pub

Pizza, cocktails, and a cabin-like atmosphere-Village Pizza and Pub (2496 North Randall Road) is a fantastic place. Though all the food is great at Village, the restaurant is obviously on this list thanks to the pizza. The thin pizza is tasty and the topping options are superb-we're fans of the BBQ chicken pizza. They also have thick, "double-decker" pizza for those who want more than a mouthful.

delicious pizza

Lou Malnati's Pizza

If you're not already acquainted with this semi-famous Chicago chain, then you need to get to a Lou's location immediately. Lou Malnati's (903 S Randall Road) is famous for their Chicago-style deep dish pizza, and for good reason-it's among the best. Thick crust, salty on the ends, covered in tomato chunks and sauce, and quality toppings, this pizza is heavenly. Lou's opened an order out location in Elgin a few years back, so pick up one of these pies ASAP. 

Notable Mentions

Of course, there's more pizza than we could ever mention in a blog. If you exhaust the options above, try these superb spots:

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We might love selling cars, but we love eating pizza just as much at Elgin Hyundai-how can you not when you're from the Chicago area? Also, these spots pair well with our fall family adventure suggestions! Did we forgot your favorite pizza place? Then contact us to let us know! We love trying new places. Better yet, stop by Elgin Hyundai with your top pizza picks for the Elgin area-we'll even let you test drive a new Hyundai Sonata. Worried some bad weather will keep you from getting your pizza? Read our driving tips for the snow and rain to make sure you can make it to your pizza and back safe and sound. While you're here, you can even read about the history of the Hyundai company and how to pronounce its name.