Elgin drivers should know that within a car engine, a lot of heat is generated through friction of mechanical parts and combustion gasses. To keep this system at a safe operating temperature, your engine has a cooling system. Ethylene glycol, or antifreeze, is a part of your vehicle's coolant mixture used in the system. It's a colored liquid that is mixed with water and added to your radiator to regulate the temperature in your engine. Chiefly made from ethylene glycol, though sometimes it can be propylene glycol, it comes in bright colors like pink and green.

How Does Antifreeze Work?

Antifreeze works as one vital part of your engine's greater cooling system, found in your car's radiator. It lowers the freezing point and heightens the boiling-point of water-based solutions, in this case, your coolant mixture. This is why antifreeze and coolant have become synonymous- antifreeze mixed with water creates your engine's coolant.

Once part of your system, the fluid is circulated out from your radiator by a water pump and through a pattern under your hood, cooling the entire system. It then enters the engine, removing combustion-generated heat, and continues to the heater core to supply heat to your interior cabin. Lastly, antifreeze returns back to your radiator. As your engine runs throughout Chicagoland and beyond, the pattern continues to run through the system.


Why is Antifreeze Important?

Antifreeze is crucial to your car's health to help maintain a safe operant temperature for both the parts in the system and you as a Streamwood driver. An overheated engine is just one dangerous problem; other affected parts can include the head gasket, engine cylinders, the water pump, and connector rods. Signs of an overheating include a hood that is hot to the touch or steam billowing out from under the hood. In the event of this issue, pull over and call for service. If you have more questions about such an instance, contact our knowledgeable service department.

In addition to regulating temperature, proper antifreeze and overall coolant fluid levels also help prevent corrosion.

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