Fender-benders and minor accidents are unfortunately a part of car-ownership that drivers in Bartlett and beyond may encounter. If you're asking yourself "How to get a dent out of a car bumper?" or "How to remove scratches from a car bumper?", whether a friend backed into your car or the wind blew a Streamwood grocery store shopping cart right into the rear of your vehicle, your bumper may have been subjected to damage that was out of your control. And if you were to blame- there's no need to worry. It can be possible and painless to fix a car bumper if you follow the steps below!

Fix Your Car Bumper

Always consult a service center if your damage seems more extensive than an at-home repair can fix. Car bumper repair costs can range from $50 for a few materials to do it yourself, or up to $1,500 if the damage affects lights, sensors, or cameras on newer models. With damage limited to dents, cracks, or paint scratches, see below for how to DIY these mishaps. 


To fix car bumper dents, acquire either a heat gun or hair dryer, a pry bar, a jack, jack stands, safety glasses, and gloves. Safely elevate your car and remove the splash guard if necessary. Then, warm the affected area with your heat gun. When warmed sufficiently, use the prybar to apply pressure to the dent from the inside out. Apply pressure to the deepest part of the dent first, and work through its shape evenly until the dent is less apparent or completely gone. 

Paint Scratches

If you just barely tapped the vehicle in front of you but you have some paint to show for it, no worries. With a buffing compound, a drill, and a touch-up pen, you'll be driving around South Elgin scratch-free in no time. First, clean the area well. Run your fingernail over the scratch to determine how deep the scratch is so you can buff it with your drill attachment accordingly. If necessary, add a layer of clear coat. Let that dry and paint with your touch-up pen. Allow that to dry fully before hitting the road!


To fix a fiberglass crack, you may want to bring your vehicle to our Elgin service center as it makes for a more extensive and technical repair process with more materials. If you feel prepared to address a fiberglass repair via tutorials or you have a knowledge of fiberglass repair, this can be a straightforward fix. A fiberglass repair kit will be in order, and you'll want to follow the safety instructions carefully!

Schedule Service at Elgin Hyundai 

Don't want to fix your car bumper yourself? Schedule service at our Elgin Hyundai service center where our factory-trained technicians will get the job done right. You can find more car-care tips and advice for driving in the snow and rain when you browse our site- be sure to take advantage of those before you come in.