Hyundai Azera vs. Ford Taurus

2016 Hyundai Azera 

Researching midsize luxury sedans? Let's take a look at two attractive options, the 2016 Hyundai Azera and 2016 Ford Taurus, and see how they compare. Both models have a reputation for being an excellent value for the price, so let's learn more about some key parts of the total package.

Safety and Warranty

When it comes to the basic features, these two vehicles are neck and neck. The Azera and the Taurus both come fully equipped with standard driver and passenger front airbags, front side-impact airbags, four-wheel antilock brakes, rearview camera, traction control, electronic stabilizing systems that help prevent skidding, and more. Lane departure warning systems, collision warning systems, and rear parking sensors are available upgrade options for both.

The Azera offers standard Impact Reducing Seats, engineered to protect the driver and front passenger from whiplash in a crash. The specially designed headrests come forward to help protect the neck and spine from injury. The Taurus does not have an equivalent option. Comparing the warranties on both, Hyundai's powertrain warranty lasts for ten years or 100,000 miles, and the Taurus warranty lasts only five years or 60,000 miles. The Azera's corrosion warranty is also two years longer, seven years compared to only five years for the Taurus.

Engine and Fuel Economy

It's also important to consider power and efficiency when purchasing a new vehicle. The Azera's 3.3L DOHC V6 engine puts out 293 hp, which beats out the Taurus' standard 3.5L DOHC V6 engine's 288 hp. The Azera's standard horsepower rating even bests Ford's optional 2.0 Turbo 4-cylinder engine, which produces a mere 240 hp. Motor Trend tests showed that the Azera is speedier than the Taurus V6, accelerating from zero to 80 miles per hour in 10.7 seconds versus 11.1 seconds. As for fuel economy, EPA tests proved the Azera gets slightly better mileage, with its standard engine delivering 20 mpg in the city. The Taurus falls a little short with only 19 mpg in the city.

Passenger Space and Cargo Convenience

The Azera's reputation for being a larger, upscale sedan is well-founded. It offers 3.8 cubic feet of additional space for passengers than the Taurus. This spaciousness is especially apparent with 3.6 inches more front legroom than the Taurus. The Azera also offers a nifty hands-free mechanism to open the trunk. Simply hold your hand near the trunk's emblem, and the trunk will automatically open. The Taurus has a manual trunk, which means you'll have to lift it by hand every time.


Where to begin? The Azera has several standard conveniences that are either not available on the Taurus or require upgrades. These include:

  • One-touch front power windows
  • A locking fuel door
  • Heated outside mirrors
  • Bluetooth wireless integration for cell phones.

Also, the windshield wipers on the Azera sense the vehicle's speed and automatically speed up or slow down. The Taurus has standard wipers that are manual, which means constant adjusting. The Azera comes with standard dual zone air conditioning, which allows for greater flexibility and comfort. This type of air conditioning comes only on the higher trim levels of the Taurus.

Hyundai Azera Captures the Top Spot

When you look at the 2016 Hyundai Azera vs. 2016 Taurus, the Azera is clearly superior in so many ways, including safety and performance. We'd like to help you learn more about the Huyndai Azera. Visit Elgin Hyundai or contact us today!


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