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See the Difference Between the Hyundai Santa Fe and the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport



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Ever wondered how the Hyundai Santa Fe compares to the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport?

Here's a brief overview:


Size and Space


The Santa Fe is a bit bigger, boasting three-row seating for six or seven passengers depending on trim level while the Santa Fe Sport has two-row seating capable of seating up to five passengers.

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Tires Do Indeed Wear Differently

Rotating your tires on a regular basis is a practice that cannot get overlooked. Unfortunately, many of people don't necessarily believe this to be the case. Many drivers today simply don't understand that all four of the tires on your vehicle wear differently. The difference in wear is due to several different factors. Some of the different wear is attributed to your individual driving styles and how often you drive. There are also factors that are due to the fact of vehicle dynamics and simply how the car was designed...

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Are You Taking Care of Your Battery?

The battery in your vehicle is an important part of your car. Without it, you wouldn't be going anywhere. Your battery should last approximately from three to five years, but it can depend on how you drive, and what kind of weather conditions your battery is subjected to. Now, if your vehicle decides not to start one day, it doesn't mean that your battery is totally done. It could simply mean that it came loose, or that the battery terminals have worked themselves loose...

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A Grown Up Elantra GT

Unveiled merely hours ago, the new Hyundai i30, has hit the Internet. The i30 is the European and Asian counterpart to our Elantra GT. And while our most recent model of the Elantra GT is closely modeled after the i30, this most recent announcement makes no mention of a US bound version, but one can hope.

If this does become the new Elantra GT, than we here at Elgin Hyundai, know what car we will have…

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