How to Debug Your Bumper

Debug Your Bumper

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Unfortunately while driving, it is inevitable that your vehicle will end up with bug splats. Not only are they unsightly, but did you know that bug splats can actually damage the paint job on your car? That is why it is so important to remove the remnants of those insects as soon as possible. There are a few different ways to debug your bumper, so you have a couple of different options:
  • Bug remover spray
  • WD-40
  • Bug sponges
  • Dryer sheets
This video will show you just how simple it is to use a dryer sheet to clean your bumper and make it bug-free!

How to Debug your Bumper Video

Video Transcription

“Better Tips & Tricks: Debugging Your Bumper Spray water onto a single dryer sheet and begin wiping away bugs. Clean!”

The Next Steps

Once you have chosen the product you would like to use and you remove the bug residue, it is a good idea to give the exterior of your car a good cleaning. You can also apply wax to ensure that cleaning off any future bug residue will be much easier.

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