When Summer Tires Are the Best Choice

We want you to make a wise informed decision when it’s time for new tires. In the past, summer tires were used in the summer and replaced with winter tires in the fall. Now they’ve added all-season tires into the mix. You probably have lots of questions, which is why we invite you to stop at Elgin Hyundai and speak with our technicians. They’ll advise you honestly based on your vehicle and driving conditions.

There are times when summer tires are your best option. If you live in a climate where temps are normally warm with occasional rain, summer tires are the best choice. They’re called performance tires because of how well they perform. The only time they may not perform well is in harsh winters.

Don’t make a tire purchase until you’re sure of what you need. Visit our shop, and we’ll get you going in the right direction.

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