Tips for Traveling with Pets


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Vacations are just more fun with your furry friends in tow, but what are the secrets to pet-friendly travel? From safety gear to travel accessories, take a look at our tips for traveling with pets to enjoy a safe and happy trip. 

Pet-Friendly Travel

Proper planning can make any road trip run smoother, so here are the top things to keep in mind:
  • How does your pet travel? Consider trying out some smaller drives first, and gradually lengthen the time spent in the car.
  • Give your pet a light meal three or four hours before departure to settle the stomach.
  • Some states require rabies vaccination records at interstate crossings, so do your research.
  • Don't leave your pet alone in a parked car. The cabin can trap the extreme heat and cold of the outdoors, leaving your pet's health compromised.

Pet Travel Accessories

What are the top pet travel accessories to take on the road?
  • Travel Kit: Food, bowl, leash, water, waste bags, medication, toys
  • Safety Gear: Crate or dog seat belt, collar with tags
  • Clean-Up: Rubberized floor liners, waterproof seat covers, cleaning spray

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