Top Car Games for Kids


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Traveling with kids this summer? Then you need to arm yourself with the best car games for kids, stat! Hint: the quiet game is NOT one of them.

Traveling With Kids

Traveling with kids is no joke. Snacks, activities, music, and pillows are requirements. Plus, if you’re smart, you’ll plan your restroom breaks and find parks where the kids can run around and blow off steam. If your pet is coming too, these tips can help.

Car Games Everyone Will Love

  • 20 Questions - This one’s an old favorite. Think of an animal, vegetable, or mineral, and everyone gets 20 yes or no questions to try to answer it. Give it a twist with categories like movies, cartoon characters, or people you know.
  • ABC Game - Here’s another one you might have played before. Team up and watch all the road and vehicle signs for words that begin with each letter of the alphabet. It can take a long time to find words that begin with X!
  • The License Plate Game - This game is great for long hours or days on the road. Start a list of every state you see on a license plate, and see how many you can find.
  • Animal Name Game - The first person names an animal, and then the next person names another animal that starts with the last letter of the first animal. Add variety, like animals in ABC order or the name game with Disney characters or famous people.
  • Memory -  How smart is your crew? The first person names something that starts with A (A is for apple), and the next person repeats that and then names something that starts with B (A is for apple, B is for ball.) Try to make it through the whole alphabet without messing up!
  • Restaurant Race - Everyone chooses a restaurant, like McDonalds or Starbucks, and it’s a race to earn points for each sign or location you see from the car.

Road Trip Tips

With some pre-planning and these important road trip tips, your next getaway from Streamwood or Schaumburg will go smoothly. Elgin Hyundai is here to help with vehicle service before you go. Schedule an appointment online today.
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