What Your Car Color Says About You

Color is a big influence in our lives, from our clothes, to our homes and cars. You may not even realize what your car color says about you and your personality, but every time you start your engine, you’re expressing yourself!

Basic Neutrals

  • Black - Black cars are a classic choice, typical of someone who’s tasteful and authoritative. They’re often associated with power - think Secret Service and motorcades.
  • White - White cars look pristine. Drivers who choose them like a clean, pure look that expresses their authenticity and natural need for order.
  • Gray - Gray vehicles are an easy go-to choice for many drivers. Gray reflects someone who’s straightforward, practical, and highly organized.
  • Beige - Basic beige cars are typically driven by people who are down-to-earth, and calm, pretty much unflappable.

Bright, Vivid Colors

  • Red - You probably already know that people with red cars like to be noticed. They’re known for being highly energetic, extroverted, and sexy.
  • Orange - There aren’t too many orange cars out there, but if you see one, know that the person driving it is a true individual, most likely artsy and creative.
  • Yellow - Bright yellow cars are also pretty uncommon. If you have a yellow car, you’re probably young at heart, like to have fun, and have a great sense of humor.


  • Pearl - A pearl finish shows charisma and sophistication in a person, and that they’re willing to pay more for what they want.
  • Silver - Silver is a cool, modern choice. If you want something a little different than standard gray, silver shows you care about prestige.
  • Gold - Gold cars are another unique choice, signifying elegance and intelligence. Like the other metallic finishes, it’s a more expensive choice, so it’s a sign of luxe taste.

Other Colors

  • Blues - Like a blue room, blue cars are chosen for their cool, calming effect. People who choose blue are loyal and faithful, and they make great friends.
  • Greens - Green is a color that’s symbolic of trust and tradition. It’s also associated with nature, so the overall impact is that someone who chooses it is simple and trustworthy.
  • Brown - Brown can be the choice of someone more introverted, who doesn’t want to stand out, but rich chocolate brown can also indicate luxury and authority.

A World of Color

What your car color says about you is just the beginning! At Elgin Hyundai, we have a huge variety of models to choose from, and each one is just as unique as you are. Stop by and check out our inventory, and learn about our current incentives. You can also contact us online to set

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