Hyundai Brings G90 to Detroit, We Commence Salivating

In December, Hyundai announced that it was rebadging its Equus and Genesis sedans as the G90 and G80 respectively, and that they would arrive in the United States under a new name. This was the kickoff of the Genesis luxury brand, as it were, and its Equus-replacing flagship was recently unveiled in Detroit.

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Check Out the Innovative Hyundai Car Care App

hyundai car care app
In a time when technology is running the world, it would make sense for car manufacturers to also improve on their technology—and not just inside the vehicles. The Hyundai Car Care app is the type of innovation that is making headlines. Instead of placing traditional paper owner’s manuals inside the glove compartment of each vehicle, Hyundai may abandon this in favor of the app instead. 

Past Successes

The reason for the possible change isn’t just based on the prevalence of technology in today’s society, but also on past success stories. When Hyundai first launched the Equus…

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The Hyundai CPO Program is Recognized for Excellence

Hyundai CPO 

Whether you’re searching for a new or used car, a certified pre-owned vehicle is worth taking a look at. You’ll get the value of a used car and the peace of mind that comes with a new car purchase all in one sleek package.

There are a lot of CPO programs out there, but only one that has been recognized as #1 by the highly respected car-shopping publication, The Hyundai CPO program was named the Best CPO program in the industry, from budget to luxury car brands. You can see some of these CPO vehicles that…

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Production of Santa Fe Sport will Begin this Summer in Alabama

To meet the growing demand in the popular compact SUV segment, Hyundai has announced its decision to add the Santa Fe Sport to Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama's (HMMA) production schedule, beginning this summer.

Currently, the Alabama plant produces Sonata and Elantra models, and is capable of manufacturing 400,000 units a year...

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Is a Compact New Hyundai Truck on the Horizon?


The automotive world is buzzing about renewed indications that a Hyundai truck, a possible pickup crossover, may be forthcoming from the automaker.

An Intriguing Concept

Hyundai unveiled the concept for a Santa Cruz pickup, code named the HCD-15, at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show, generating a great deal of excitement among attendees who witnessed its debut.

The would-be Hyundai truck is similar in concept to Honda’s Ridgeline, only smaller, and it would be marketed toward younger drivers.

If it gets the greenlight for production from Hyundai, then the Santa Cruz would reportedly feature foundational elements that are similar to…

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